We offer Trane’s complete line of heat pumps, which both heat and cool your home.

Trane XLi heat pumps are designed to deliver the reliable, energy-efficient heating and cooling you expect from Trane. Each unit is designed and engineered to meet rigid specifications, tested to ensure excellent performance, and manufactured to last. With a Trane XLi heat pump, you can feel confident in your investment and comfortable in your home – all season long!

How does a Heat Pump work?

The heat pump uses a compressor that circulates and absorbs heat. Even when it’s freezing outside, there is still heat energy present. The heat pump transfers that heat energy inside, thereby warming the air and acting like a furnace. It also works in reverse. When it’s hot outside, the heat pump acts like an air conditioner and removes heat and humidity from your home and transfers it outside, thereby cooling the interior.

Advantages of a Heat Pump:

  • Energy-efficient: A heat pump transfers heat instead of generating heat, saving you more energy and more money.
  • Electricity-powered: Since the heat pump is powered by electricity and not fuel, it can transfer heat two to three times faster than a regular AC unit or furnace.
  • Provides year-round comfort: The heat pump is designed to provide the perfect indoor temperature 365 days a year.

Here’s Why
You Should Have Your Trane Heat Pump System Installed by RJ Staso Heating and Air Conditioning:

One Day Replacement. If you want to replace your old heat pump, we will install a new one in one day. So you don’t have to go a night without comfort.

No Pricing Mystery. You can see our price books, investment guides and discount schedules. We don’t hide the numbers.

We’re Independent. We are not like the national chains of department stores and discount marts that sell cheap heat pumps at a low price then hire subcontractors who cut corners on the installation.